First they came for your first amendment

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Sound familiar? You know, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Read it and weep people. Think back, when was the last time there was prayer in school?  The Pledge of Allegiance, is under attack to remove the word God.
To me that takes away religion, speech, and press. Now public prayer is under attack. That takes care of peaceful assembly. So it is safe to say the first amendment is pretty much toilet paper, right?
Well not yet. There is still hope.

Charles Dickens said it best, IT WAS THE BEST OF TIMES, IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES. Everyone today is more worried about the latest and greatest gadgets, that they are not paying attention to all of the constitional rights being taken away by poloticians.
One can only hope everyone will wake up and pay attention to what is going on. We, as a nation are being eaten alive from the inside out. Digusting to think that no one seems to care about all of those who came before us. Fighting and dying to keep the rights won so many years ago.

The 2nd amendment is already under attack. Without that amendment the other amendments don’t stand a chance.

I wish someone would please prove me wrong.
I’ll be waiting and hoping someone will


Still Backing

I sit here and wonder, how can people not see that we are backing up? How do tyrants take over? You would have to study History to understand that.

The first thing to do is keep the people stupid. Now look at how History “OFENDS” everyone. So now History is edited to suit the “OFENDED”. History is now changed so that no one remembers where we came from and what it took to get there.
In order to keep people ignorant, is to not let them learn. Other than what the Tyrant/Dictator wants you to know. Now lets look at Hitler. Took away books and burned them. Do you see direction here? Children are no longer taught to write in script. Next, take away guns. Hmmm sound familiar?

Now, if you are still blinded, lets look at this. Cancer eats away at the body from the inside out. Ugly to watch. Only the very strong survive. It eats away at the body leaving nothing but decay. Sound familiar? Sounds to me like our dictator is injecting America with refugees (cancer cells), and the American people are begging for more.

This is only my opinion, my thoughts. All of this is a repeat of History. Hitler, Ceasar, and many others who have tried to rule the world.

Joseph Stalin said: America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.


Well another year is coming to an end. I look back on past years, and I have to wonder what is happening to the American people?

Think about it, we are as a nation pretty smart. Why, then are we so stupid? Women had been fighting for their rights for years. Growing up in the sixty’s, I can remember all of the press about womens rights. I must say that as a nation, we agreed that women should have equal rights.

Why then, are women so eager to go back to barefoot and pregnant? If you think I am kidding, let’s take a look at where we are today. Women can vote. Women can drive, work, get educated, etc. Think of the women that came before you, and ask what they went through to get you these rights, which they are still fighting for. I would suggest you go online and read up on it. Then please coment on my blog why you are so eager to give it up.

Think I am just talking off of the top of my head? Go back online and find what kind of rights you will have when you let musilums impose their law on you. Now tell me why you aren’t screaming at your congressmen, and senators, about letting musilums come in and take control of one of the most powerful nations on the planet, without argument or fight?

Please coment on this, because I would like to know why you feel this would be a better way of life for women. To go from hard working and free thinking, to shut up and stay in your room with the other wives.
Really, the USA as a nation, is making great strides in abuse. To think women are just so willing to give it up. Think about it, how many stories have you heard of where women are beaten and or murdered just because a man did not like what she did, said, or thought.

Don’t think that I am picking on women, because I am not. I will talk about other things in future blogs. Just putting one foot in front of the other. I am looking foreward to hearing what women really think about their rights and freedoms that they enjoy today.

Also, this is why I titled this backing into the new year. To lose womens rights would be to step backwards, at least I think so. Please feel free to coment on what I have written. If you think I am wrong, well I have been wrong before (and will be in the future). I only adk that you keep it civil.

All of the above coments are my opinions based on my thinking, so it may not be right or liked. But it is my opinion.

Here we go again

Well here is another tragic shooting. And once again as soon as the smoke clears, the yelling starts. When are you stupid idiots going to learn, that taking guns away does not work. If guns were present, less killings would hapen. Instead unarmed (by policy) citizens have to charge armed idiots to save inocent lives. IF YOU HAVE “NO GUN” RULES, THAT IS WHERE PEOPLE GET SHOT. Why?  Because there is no worries about getting shot until police arrive on the scene. All too late most of the time. Disarming people only gets outlaws easy targets without fear of being shot so soon. Am I the only person that sees this. To me this is comon sense. Then I guess that whoever said “the most uncomon thing in the world is comon sense” is by far smarter than those who think, that getting rid of guns eill make things safer for everyone.

Wake up and smell the coffee brewing idiots.


After listening to all of the news stories about shootings, I have to wonder if some journalist even think about what they say or write. I have given lots of thought to what I will write today. Some will not agree with me, but I bet a lot will. Even though I will get coments, mostly from those who do not agree.

I am not finger pointing here. I am just trying to point out what I think is “STUPID”. You guessed it I think  correct is right. “Politucally correct”, what is that? It is either correct or wrong. Yes that means I think anyone who paints a pretty picture to not offend, is stupid. You are not helping the person you are lying to.

So back to shootings. Do you think anyone who was shot, or any family member of someone who was shot, cares about some sign? If you put up a sign you must consider, whom are you targeting? If you are targeting law abiding citizens, then by all means post your signs, and I am sure you will get favorable results. But if you are targeting criminals, guess what?, you just did another “STUPID” thing. Even the most law abiding people have been known to run a stop sign. I know right. The list goes on and on. No parking, no turn on red, no skateboarding on sidewalks, no jaywalking, etc.

So tell me how do you think the family of those who have been shot in a gun free zone feel. How smart do you feel now.

Signs that target law abiding citizens work for law abiding citizens, not criminals.

I have taken up enough of your time, and I hope that if nothing else, I got you to see that just stopping to think things through may cause a lot less grief in this already grief filled world.